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  Thank you for visiting; we look forward to receiving your nomination for the 2019 Essex Teaching Awards.

Good Luck!

Please note:
1) Questions marked with an asterix are mandatory
2) You will need to complete a separate form for each 'category' of nomination.
3) Please provide as much detail as possible for each question, using examples where possible.

Advice for Parents/Carers/Students making nominations:

Please do not be intimidated by the structure of the Essex Teaching Awards nomination form which is designed to complement the National Teaching Awards that take place later in the academic year.

The nomination process is not a test; it is an opportunity to recognise and celebrate the inspirational examples of work that take place in schools across Essex every day!

Each nomination is considered on its own merit and not judged on spelling, grammar or length. However, please try to provide as full an answer as possible in support of your nomination.
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